Sunday, March 28, 2010

An evening out with friends?

I had only heard of 'an evening out with friends' . But I had never been there and done that atleast not after marriage. For sunil is a compulsive introvert. I think he'd wear those taboo neck pieces like a skull to ward off people!
I have been brought up in a house thats full of people come any occasion. My parents have this circle of friends that have been together for like donkeys years! So going out on picnics, dinners and outings were pretty much a regular affair for me. Sunil on the other hand is from a family who stay much to themselves. Although they talk of a lot of people in their stories of their life in Calcutta, I have hardly seen them having any social interaction in the last 9 years not even with family! So I am assuming sunil is of the same mould. I also know sunil also had been with a group of people who he'd been friends with for most of his life. But I am yet to interact or know any of them much less meet them. I am sure even sunil is not in touch with them.
So my last 9 years of marriage with sunil has been devoid of any social interaction which meant no visiting anybody or dinners or going out.
Until I met some fantastic people who I am now good friends with. Not unlike my last few years, I always hear them get together, have a drink or dinner or go out together. I was only too scared to be voicing my stand on all those weekend bahuahuas not knowing how sunil would react, whether he'd be willing to go, whether he'd like these people.
And then one day my friend Nisha invited me to her place for drinks and dinner along with this another friend couple Bindu and Neela. By then Sunil already knew all about them from me. Our kids would play together every evening in the park and got along well.
So I told sunil about the invite and much to my surprise he was willing to go! He later told me that he went only for the kids.
But that night was one memorable night for me. I was sooo happy to see Sunil actually get along well with Harish and Neela. More so because it proved to be only a beginning for we now make plans every weekend. And even sunil looks forward to them!
So now even I can brag- 'this weekend, I am having an evening out with friends'!!!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwww!!! When you told me that you do not go out with friends, I thought u were kidding. Two fantastic people like u and Sunil should definitely be out there. We are glad we met u too.

    Like you guys, we too look forwrd to these weekends. I wonder if the summer is going to be fun.