Friday, March 26, 2010

Chasing the Horizon?

For a long time now I have been pouring all my attention into making an individual of my elder son Adi and hardly ever even giving a thought to what the younger one- Arnav wants.

So this morning, out of guilt that I have neglected him for too long, called him aside and asked him what he would like to do when he grew up. His answer was a very naughty one sided smile I was only too familiar with.
I remember my chirpy little 1.5-2 yrs old Adi on his visits to the doctors telling me that he wanted be Dr Mehta with many people waiting outside to see him!
But no such luck with this one! So I prodded a bit more and asked him "Doctor, Plane driver, singer, painter ...what?" His answer simply blew me out! for he said the most unbelievable, out of the world kind of thing. He said "something else ma something else" I couldn't have had asked for anything more for my baby!
One might comment hes too young to think about what he wants!! I know my husband did. But, I have always had this suspicion about the kid. Hes has a mind of his own and a pace of his own. For a 3 year old hes quite an extraordinary guy! For one, hes a happy child with surprisingly no tantrums and demands at all. I have never seen him neither excited or sad about anything! And I am yet to meet anybody with such a pleasant plateau of temperament. He asks no questions and seems indifferent to most things that would have excited any kid his age. But he has his own interpretation and draws his own conclusions.
At a huge cost I have engaged this chess tutor to come in twice a week and train the kids in chess in hope that both of them will one day become chess masters! But within 10 minutes of the first session my younger son Arnav whispers into my ears -"Ma, chess in borriinng" and since then his only venture to the chess board has been to playfully distract Adi and his chess sir!
He keeps away from all the ball games that Adi and his father play every weekend questioning why must you throw or kick a ball. The T V and its cartoons hold his interest for not more than 10 minutes! I have never seen him demand for any toys or clothes or chocolates.

But this morning he did ask me for one thing. Hes been talking about it for some time now and I brushed it aside as a whim of a 3 yr old. But you can't do it when you are in a closed room with just the two of us and amidst some serious talk! He looks straight in my eye and says he wants a guitar!!
I found this very worrying. Why the guitar? Isn't the guitar an instrument for most recluses? It somehow reminded me of Kurt Cobain this musical rockstar who is said to have drug overdosed himself at 27 leaving behind an album that had just beat even the MJ's Dangerous and a 2 yr old kid.
I felt that he was reaffirming a suspicion that I have had about the guy. Hes not one to conform
to anything. Truth is I don't want him to either. If the guitar is what he wants. the guitar is what he will get!He will have all the freedom to make his own music! I don't care if he is an oddball!
Seema aunty his teacher in the small pleasant play school that he goes to says I am lucky to have given life to such an extraordinary kid. I am truly blessed.
I wonder what will happen when he joins school next year and has to follow his teacher and class? Will he be beaten into being one among them? or will he stand his ground?
I know its still early in the day to foretell such profound and serious characters in a 3 yr old. But as a mother I know and trust my instincts.
This one is a wonderment and "Something else".

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  1. :D Arnav is a darling and that mischievious one-sided grin is simply amazing! U just know he is up to no good then!

    Wow, a guitar! I can just picture him strumming away. Guitarists are crowd pullers!

    And only u can ask a 3 year old what he wants to do when he grows up, that too, behind closed doors! Crazy woman!