Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playact life?

Ok So I am chewing on the idea of enrolling at a theater workshop.
I am looking for an escape from reality, to move a little away from my little sullen world for sometime. And maybe acting in a play is the only thing that comes close to living a different life for a change.
I mean look at the way we express joy or anger or sorrow. How would it be to look at it from a different persons perspective as fictitious as they maybe. And to speak the truth fiction cannot be anything but based on truth or reality. I read so much for the same reasons. For books transport me to a different world with different people in different scenarios. I can actually know and feel empathy for these characters. I have always been very curious about the kind of life people live. Whats the first thing they do on waking up, what kind of food they eat, what are they thinking when shopping for grocery, What are their relationships like. That way theater is only an extension of books.
I do wish life could be like a play where we get to chose and rehearse our destiny. Some people say that lifes challenge lies in not knowing the future. I beg to differ. I wish I had known the consequences of so many regrettable decisions that I took. Its better to have all revealed.
I'd like to make certain my kids are going to do well and my parents and husband will be alright.
Oh and to be warned. That would be nice too. Not so fond of any 'unforeseen danger'. I prefer to see danger when it is coming.
And the other reason I am risking my life on stage is I am hoping that this would be a good exposure for my kids. Perhaps if they'd be willing to try it out seeing me enact?
So anyway I have sent out a few mails in the hope that maybe this is the medium of self expression that I am looking for.


  1. Do try it out. I have always been intrigued too. Ppl tell me I should try, but I have stage fright! :D

  2. Hey, pls can you undo word verification?? :D